Club Administrator


Who are Club Administrators?

 Club Administrators are the users in charge of specific club.  They can edit details of the club they are assigned.  They can manage many tools on a club level, those tools they can manage as described below.


Manage Club Info

  Managing snowmobile clubs is what Smarter Trails is all about. This utility will let you manage your clubs, and set up a club's social media with ease.


Manage News

 New regulations, club changes, or a particularly interesting post from the local snowmobile association, the News section is your club’s way to get the word out.


Manage Club Events

 Events can be anything you need to schedule for your club. Club meetings, weekend outings, grill outs and fund raising extravaganzas, anything you want your members to be aware of would apply.  


Manage Landowners

 Landowners are the backbone of an organization, and keeping on good terms with them is one of the most important functions that a club can perform. Smarter Trails offers a useful method of keeping track of your contacts.


Manage Meeting Minutes

 SmarterTrails put together a tool to make keeping track of meeting minutes as simple and accurate… then we made it better with features to make future meetings fast and easy. We based the process on Robert’s Rules of Order, recording who makes motions, what votes passed and letting you track as much or as little as information as you like. Here are a few of the features that can help make your club secretary’s life a bit more stress-free.


Manage Documents

 Documents can be anything you need access to on the go, want to distribute through the site, or just need place to store.  Not all documents have the same permissions of course. You can choose to display a document to the general public or make it available only to members. You can archive past documents to keep the list clean and revisit them at a future point, or delete them to remove them from the list forever. 


Manage Members

 Members are the heart of any organization, and Smarter Trails makes it easy to keep track of all the information on them that you need to make your club run smoothly.

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