Manage Clubs



Managing snowmobile clubs is what Smarter Trails is all about. This utility will let you set up new clubs, manage existing clubs, and set up a club's social media with ease.


Once you are logged into SmarterTrails you can get started on managing clubs.  After you have logged in to view the list of clubs click the  "Our Clubs" button in the header to go to the our clubs page.

From the Our Clubs page you can see a list of any current clubs.  By clicking on an already created club you can go to that clubs page.   You will also see an "Add Club" button on the Our Clubs page.

  • Click the "add Club" button to create a new club.
  • When adding a club, the body content is description of the club that will be displayed to any users who visit that clubs page.  This can be edited at a later time as well.
    • 'Preview Content' is for a brief club discription for anyone looking at the list of clubs on the "Our Clubs" page
  •  Contact Description
    • This information is the 'Club Contact'. i.e. "This is who to contact with questions about the club"
  • Meeting Description
    • Is for you to set information for all users to see on your club meetings.
  • Social media Links
    • If your club has any social media links put them in here.

Still need help?  Email at or give us a call at 608.796.0560