Manage Trail Reports



Trail Reports are for the site administrator to put reports out on the trails that all other members are able to see.  Be sure to make use of adding photos to your trail reports, it can help your members see what the trails before they hit the trails. 

Manage Trail Reports

  • From the Site Admin page, click on the “Trail Reports” button in the header. This will take you to the “Trail Reports” page.

  • From the “Trail Reports” page, you can Add or Edit advertiser campaigns


  • To add a trail report click on the "add" button
    • The “Add/Edit Trail Report” form will be displayed
    • Fill out the “Add/Edit Trail Report” form.  The title is required, but Trail status, Trail Condition, Content and Images are all optional.
    • When complete, click on the “Save” button.
    • You should now see the new trail report at the top of the trail reports page.


  • To edit a trail report click on the edit button on the trail report
  • Click Save to save any changes you have made
    • You can make a new trail report during the edit process by clicking 'Save As New'

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