Site Administrators


Who are Site Administrators?

Site administrators are users in charge of a region’s Smarter Trails website. They have the highest level access to the project, and are able to make create new clubs and set others users up as Club Administrators to run those clubs. A site’s administrator has numerous tools available to them, as described below.


Manage Places

Places are the locations where you can get a bite to eat, a trail pass, lodgings, or other products and services.  They fill out the “Visitor Information” links on the main page of your website.  Adding and maintaining places can help your members spend less time planning and more time on the trail.


Manage Landowners

Landowners are the people and organizations that allow us to use their land for trails.  With Smarter Trail's landowner tools, you can keep them organized, keep track of documents associated with various properties, and make notes on when you need to contact them.


Manage Membership Fees

Fees are a necessity of any organization; they keep the groomers in shape and full of fuel. Smarter Trail's Membership Fees tool will help you keep track of who has paid, what types of membership are available, what default fees are, and many other details to keep things running smoothly.


Manage Advertisers

Sponsors can make financing an organization much easier, but the trick is always finding something to give them in return for their contributions. Smarter Trail’s advertising tools make this easy, providing ad placement where it matters most. You can offer better placement in your site’s food and places sections, image ads that will be added to your club’s side menu rotation without being offensive, exposure to people who are likely to be genuinely interested in their services and so much more.


Manage Members

Members are the heart of any organization, and Smarter Trails makes it easy to keep track of all the information on them that you need to make your club run smoothly. Keep track of names, addresses, membership types and more using tools tailored for snowmobile club memberships.


Manage Clubs

Managing snowmobile clubs is what Smarter Trails is all about. This utility will let you set up new clubs, manage existing clubs, and set up a club's social media with ease. 


Manage Trail Reports

Trail Reports are for the site administrator to put reports out on the trails that all other members are able to see.  Be sure to make use of adding photos to your trail reports, it can help your members see what the trails before they hit the trails. 


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