Manage Meeting Minutes



SmarterTrails put together a tool to make keeping track of meeting minutes as simple and accurate… then we made it better with features to make future meetings fast and easy. We based the process on Robert’s Rules of Order, recording who makes motions, what votes passed and letting you track as much or as little as information as you like. Here are a few of the features that can help make your club secretary’s life a bit more stress-free.

The Meeting Minutes section can be found by:

  • Hover your mouse over the Our Clubs
  • Select your club from the available club listing
  • Click the Meeting Minutes link in the Club interface

Creating Meetings

Not every meeting follows a schedule of events. The simplest meeting format in SmarterTrails allows you to create a meeting without a set agenda and add items as necessary.

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Meeting Templates

Creating templates will allow you to add events you know you regularly need to your meetings. A template can be as simple as adding a call to order and a call to adjourn or as complex as your club needs. You may choose to have a single template that gives you a general meeting guideline or one for each month that contains reminders for specific tasks that need to be done each year on that month. 

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Meeting Records

Track your meeting from its first moments as an agenda to the day it goes out into the world as a published document. You can find the status of existing meetings and prepare content for upcoming meetings.

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