Getting Started


Welcome to SmarterTrails!  SmarterTrails was developed for snowmobilers by snowmobilers.  We understand it takes a lot of work to run a club.  The SmarterTrails team developed this website to help with all aspects for managing clubs with you in mind.

We are excited to help you learn the many features that we have to offer!  Lets get started by logging in.

Step 1 - Creating Clubs

Your first step with SmarterTrails after you have logged in is to set up the clubs on your site!  Click here for a in depth guide on managing clubs. 

Managing snowmobile clubs is what SmarterTrails is all about. This utility will let you set up new clubs, manage existing clubs, and set up a club's social media with ease.  


Step 2 - Create Members and Officers

Once you have your clubs in place you can start creating members to add to those clubs.  Click here for an in depth guide on managing members.  Although you do not need members to use the other features within SmarterTrails.  Managing clubs and its members is what this is all about.

Don't worry, you will not have to create all the club members yourself!  When creating new members you can make members that are assigned to a club a club officer.  Club officers also have the the ability to create members, and they can create members for their clubs.


Step 3 - Going Forward

All the tools and features of SmarterTrails like member management, online enrollment, advertisers, land owner management and meeting minutes are available for you to use as you're ready.  From the Admin section of your site you will have access to the many tools available.  Click here to get more information on those steps.  As always we will be here if you need help or have questions along the way.


Still need help?  Email at or give us a call at 608.796.0560